Effective biomechanical evaluation is as easy as:

1. Test

2. Analysis

3. Report

Incedo Orthopedics, LLC is a 100% physician owned company whose mission is to provide products, services and devices  that provide "Better Health through Better Motion.". As the population ages, strength, flexibilty and motion decreases.  The healthiest individuals maintain these characteristics. By providing medical products that physicians and clinicians can use to diagnose pathology and implement a treatment plan to improve motion, we can contribute to the overall well being of the population. 

As a tool for evaluating human performance quickly and accurately the Optogait and Optojump Systems are the benchmark.  Hence, their usage in the evaluation of the superathletes.


Optogait/Optojump: Human Movement Analysis

Our premier product is the Optogait/Optojump by Microgate.  The Optogait is used by all US Olympic Training Centers, the US Military @ West Point, and Professional Sports Teams throughout the USA & Europe to efficiently and effectively evaluate human performance.   Optogait/Optojump can quickly and accurately evaluate Gait, Running, Jumping, Balance, Reaction, Efficacy of your Orthotics/Braces and much more.  Optogait can be used on the floor or put onto a treadmill to evaluate our clients and patients at different speeds.  Dr. Seth Steber and his knowledgable medical staff look forward to expanding and keeping you informed.  You now have the ability to affordably have the same technology utilized by elite institutions around the world.  The system is easy to use and can be performed by ancillary staff, quickly with easy to read and interpret reports.

"Don't just walk, therapeutically walk"



Attention Clinicians......Now is the time to take control of your future in this recession by adding a dynamic gait lab to your practice.   You will experience an increase in new patients and visits by expanding the services your currently offer.  Incedo Orthopedics is dedicated to making your practice a success.  We will show you how to implement a complete marketing program for your gait system.  Contact us for more information.  We will set up a custom demo workshop for 6 or more doctors interested in the system at your location.


Events & News




January 13th - Wall Street Journal Article - "For NBA Rising Star, Training is all in the Data" - Damian Lillard using Optogait for precision training.  http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304347904579313133772413734

March 12-14th - Gramedica VII Annual Conference - St. Petersburg, FL.  Lecture on "Gait Analysis Made Easy".  "Role of Electrical Stimulation in Peripheral Neuropathy" . Exhibit the Optogait System www.Gramedica.com


April 4-7 - SuperBones East Conference - Miami, FL  Please join us in the exhibit hall to discuss how Optogait can improve your practice and patients. www.SuperBonesEast.co

April 4-7 - SuperBones East - Miami, FL.  Exhibit the Optogait.  www.Superboneseast.com

April 24-27 - Gramedica VI Annual Conference - New Orleans, LA. Lecture on "Evaluating the Athlete Age 3-93" & Exhibit the Optogait System www.Gramedica.com 

April 25-27th - Gramedica VI Annual Conference - New Orleans, LA  Lecuture on treating the athlete age 3-93.  Exhibit Optogait/Optojump. www.Gramedica.comSeptember 6,7,8 - Southern NY - Keep posted for more information regarding a fantastic conference for physicians, therapists, athletic trainers and coaches on concussion evaluation and human locomotion with some of the foremost researchers in the military and research.  Location TIncedo Orthopedics will be sponsoring Optogait "Hands On" Workshops @ Microgate headquarters in Mahopac,NY.  CME credits pending approval. 

Didactic presentations to include: working knowledge of the Optogait system, how to implement a dynamic gait analysis system in your practice, and how to successfully market it to your community.  Hands on portion to include: How to input patient information,  how to run tests on single meter and modular systems (both on treadmill and floor - Gait, jumping, reaction, balance tests).  You will be able to use the system comfortably, Day 1 in your office.

To be added to contact list for upcoming dates or to register for a webinar or Skype demonstration, please send email with contact information to contactus@IncedoOrthopedics.com